Friday, November 30, 2007

1154. Boring machine or beam borer, used by timber framers to drill mortises and peg holes:

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1155. Tire groover, used to cut tread into truck or racing tires, similar to patent number 1,926,520:

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Late Thursday I received a few more photos:

The part in the lower left of the first photo is a tool that is used to add or remove the cutters:

1156. Holder for a small pocket watch:

1157. Egg shell cutter, or egg topper, used for cutting off the top of a soft boiled egg.

1158. Carriage jack and wrench, patent number D27812:

Larger image

A later patent, number 662,715, shows how it was used to hold the wheel while the axle was being lubricated.

1159. Tool for cutting glass gage tubes, patent number 483,778:

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